Who is Kevin?

Technology Entrepreneur, IT Management, Software Engineering

I am a technology geek. I have been one since my single-digit birthdays. As a kid, I took apart more devices that I can remember; most of them got put back together right. I am fanatical about just about anything technological. I am also a people person; I love people and I am interested in how technology can benefit society. I am focused on business with an emphasis on technology. I have had the entrepreneurial spirit ever since I was a child.

I also find myself staying busy as a small business author. I am excited by helping others discover and ignite their passions, helping them to start or expand their careers and businesses. I thoroughly enjoy fine foods, great wine, and stinky cheeses, and have been thrilled with the adventures of raising my son.

What can I do here?

  • Visit my startup's website, WeLike.
  • Visit my other company's website, Catalyzed.
  • Follow my daily exploits on Twitter, @kevinelliott.
  • Read my small business and startup blog, Entrepreneurial Kevin.
  • Read my idea blog, Ideas, where I share business and technology ideas, including a basic business model and case study. These are yours for the picking. Start a business with one of them; I've got plenty.

Companies & Projects

Catalyzed Corporation

Founder & Principal Architect

Catalyzed is a full-services software development boutique, specialized in web and mobile technologies that services Fortune 1000 companies and startups to help them create products of excellence.
  • BlueKai & Oracle - Over 4 years and over 12 projects, we have helped this company expand and rebuild their infrastructure and web products in the AdTech space.

WeLike, LLC

President & Founder

WeLike is a startup company I created that is focused on building web and mobile products designed to help people discover and track the things they will love. Our underlying commitment is helping people find things that match their taste, and avoid the garbage and cruft along the way.
  • Mused helps find you great cultural and heritage places nearby. While most people are familiar with the top museums, they're surprised to find that there are thousands of unique and interesting specialized museums (such as the PEZ Museum in Burlingame, CA) in their backyards.
  • OpenPower is an open-source, open-data project aiming to crowd source and catalog the world's consumer electronics products in an effort to increase awareness and measurability of the impact of products on people's homes and the environment of the world.
  • HomeTender is a hyper-local, social platform that makes household organization easy, grows communication between family members, and increases the sense of responsibility in children.
  • DroneHome is a community for drone enthusiasts and has been helping thousands of people track their drone preorders.
  • PriceHunter is a product price comparison tool aimed to help consumers find the best product for the cheapest price per unit (example: best price per gigabyte for memory cards).
  • WineTribe is a social winery discovery platform. We want to show people that visiting wineries, tasting rooms, wine bars, and wine events are an enjoyable activity for anyone, not just wine snobs. See what people are drinking, where they're tasting, and meet other people with similar wine interests.
  • Stinkd for iPhone is a cheese discovery and reference application intended to help people lower their anxieties about picking cheeses. Our first native iPhone application, we intend on linking Stinkd into the WeLike recommendation engine at some point.
  • WeLikeFood is a prototype of our first implementation of the WeLike recommendation engine. While food and restaurants are not our primary focus, it is a common genre that people can greatly benefit from the tracking of.
  • WeLikeParks was a prototype project for us to fill a very, very small niche while having a lot of fun. Families with small children, people with pets, and outdoor lovers often like to discover the wild outdoors. There are tens of thousands of parks nationwide, but most people have no idea what they offer. By combining the USGS's database of parks with the WeLike recommendation engine we hope to help park lovers discover cool nearby parks, and tell others which parks they already enjoy.

Integrated Living Spaces, LLC

President & Founder

Often seen in many movies is a futuristic perspective on living and work environments/rooms (what I call "living spaces"), with lights, thermostats, blinds and digital artworks that adjust based on season, temperature, weather, and personal preferences. Integrated Living Spaces sees this as a realistic glimpse into what the future of integrated living will be like. At the forefront of these technologies are standardized software platforms capable of driving deeply integrated hardware circuitry in a way that feels warm, flexible, but reliable. I started this company to make futuristic technology affordable to anyone who can afford to buy a home, with an emphasis on the reduction of our carbon footprint and an increase in comfort and reliability. We believe that information should be ubiquitously accessible from any location, and that your personal preferences should affect the environments that you exist in.

  • Home Manage
  • Home Manage Pro
  • Preference Sync
  • Asset Sync