People are constantly asking me which service providers I use, which cleaning service I use, which robot vacuums I like, where I do my extended learning at, and what brands I like. I enjoy great conversations so I usually like to recommend these things in person or over a nice phone call. But I also recognize that I can't possibly talk to everyone.

Here are some things I highly recommend. While I certainly use referral links here (and why shouldn't I share in the bonus if I introduce you to something you like; I would use yours if you told me about something great), I will not post things here that I either 1) do not use, or 2) do not highly recommend. I highly value my reputation, so I will not squander it peddling junk services to anyone.

Email Management

A remarkable way to cut down the crap in your email inbox. I very easily spent 15 minutes to delete well over 20,000 emails from my Gmail accounts that were slowing down my email access since Gmail likes to cache the indexes of all of your email, affecting the performance of one of your most important communication lines. I also use it ongoing to keep out unwanted senders, bulk delete mailing list content, and get some insights into who I email most.

This really saves my life. You get $5 off Mailstrom PLUS if you use my link to sign up.

Extended Learning

Incredible way to learn a lot of different programming languages, concepts, design and how to build websites or a business around websites. I try to go through a course on Treehouse weekly, even if I already know the subject matter, because it helps to reinforce what I know; introduce new concepts, languages and frameworks into my vocabulary; and keep my skills in a constant state of demand and utility.

I have been an active paid member on Treehouse for 4 years. You get 50% off your first month using my link to sign up.

Virtual Server Hosting Services

Fast and cheap virtual servers on a reliable network with simple and clean management tools. You can build an army of cheap virtual servers for all of your hosting needs, including IoT projects that might normally be on systems that might clutter your home.

You get a $10 credit by using my link to sign up.


My "go to" domain provider. When I come up with an idea that I want to potentially build a product around, I go here first. There are certain domains that are cheaper elsewhere, but for the most part I have found that not only is Namecheap the easiest to use, but they're also the cheapest in most cases. Sometimes I register domains that I sit on, sometimes I register domains that I sell later, and sometimes I register domains that I may not know if it will become a product later but still have interest in.

Get a year of free WhoisGuard per domain when you use my link to sign up.

While Hover isn't my first choice when registering a domain on the Internet, it's absolutely my second choice. I check here second when I am looking for a domain name because if it costs too much with Namecheap (and it usually doesn't) then it's usually cheaper here. Also it's fantastic to use and it is very reliable.

Digital Currency / Blockchain

Heard about Bitcoin and want to get in on the action? Coinbase is the safest, most reliable way to get started. It's inexpensive, it lets you setup reoccurring transfers (to take advantage of LCA, or Least Cost Averaging), and it has a fantastic interface. No technical details about blockchain required to get started.

You get $10 by using my link to sign up.