Android winning the numbers game, but losing on profitability for developers

“Mobile app developers don’t necessarily have to choose between these platforms, and mostly aren’t.” via Venture Beat

This article is not grounded in reality. Most apps out there are simply not available on both platforms, so this is quite a sham.

“However, if you had to prioritize your focus, Android in the long run is the right place to be. Apple’s distribution platform is much better currently, but the numbers game is more important.”

Wait, so let me get this straight. First most developers aren’t choosing, and now only choose Android. Sorry, does not compute. Heavy slant towards Android here.

Android zealots are happy to announce that they’re going to win the numbers game. But the numbers game is only important when the hordes of users on the platform are spending money, and most users on Android don’t seem to currently. Android users are more frugal in general, and 57% of the apps are free.

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