Idea #1: Publicize Banks and Credit Unions Who Fund Small Business


Create a website that tracks which small and medium sized banks and credit unions actually fund a high number of small businesses and have the highest success rates. Then, publicize these lenders to the general consumer market, so they can elect to store their personal money there, which will subsequently increase the number of loans made to small businesses. Hopefully, this results in an extremely positive stimulus to the economy, restoring millions of jobs. This helps to reward the banking institutions that help America, and punishes those that pray on hard working citizens and businesses.

Problem Statement

The economy is still in the dump. Small business has the largest potential to hire millions of Americans, and form the foundations of free enterprise in the United States. The big banks (as well as smaller banks) have been bailed out, but are refusing to fund the creation and sustainability of small businesses. This stifles job creation, and keeps millions of Americans out of work, and thus slows down the recovery of the economy entirely.


Consumers looking to store their existing and forward moving wealth in safe accounts, while receiving an honest return, and wanting to help the country (and thus the world) by stimulating the economy, restoring jobs, and improving the life and conditions of millions of Americans.

Revenue Strategy

  1. Government Subsidies and Grants
  2. Advertising & Sponsorship
  3. Referral Fees (take a small percentage of a loan or deposit deal)
  4. Consumer Subscription (like a magazine or known consumer watchdog website, charge to access this information)
  5. Bank Contributions (without lobbyist powers or any kick backs; potentially harmful to the cause though)


As this is a consumer information website, it will be challenging to build  thriving revenue streams quickly. Other challenges include banking research and data entry.