A Balanced Daily Practice Leads to Happiness and Success

A productive routine can lead to good habits, a bucket of luck, and a life of happiness. Success often trails people that are happy, talented, smart working (not necessarily hard working), and above all, connected. Reaching this place can be very difficult for some people, while others seems to be born with all of these things. Most people have the ability to reach their potential, but it takes a strict regimen or daily practice.

I recently came across an article by James Altucher about a daily practice he does every day in order to stay on top of his game. He’s gone through many struggling phases in his life where he has lost everything: millions of dollars, his family, his friends but later came back stronger, in part due to his daily practice.

He talks about having four legs to his practice: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. It’s really all about not over exerting yourself in one area and staying balanced between all four. His theory, based on his life experience, is that if you are weak on one or more of these legs, you will have difficulty mastering the remaining ones. This imbalance leads to chaos and you’ll lose your luck, and quite possibly your success.

I found his particular daily practice to be the most interesting over other knowledge-centric practices because he incorporates other activities that are often neglected by entrepreneurs and people involved in early stage startups! For example, it’s very easy to skip workouts due to sitting at a desk coding all day, or avoiding spirituality because you’re stressed out. It is vital to make your life is balanced if you actually want to expand your network, attract some luck, and be successful. Otherwise, you’re just playing the lottery for success!

In honor of James’ daily practice, I created a chart that can be printed out and posted on a nearby wall in your home or office. After you have read the post about his daily practice, the chart can be used to remind you of your daily responsibilities. It doesn’t track your progress or nag you to do them (that might be a future article and adjoining iPhone/iPad app!), but it will keep you on track as it serves as a visual reminder and “cheat sheet.” Download the PDF below.

Download the Daily Practice Chart (.PDF)

You’re free to use it as you please, including posting it on a website or forum, but please do include some attribution.

45 thoughts on “A Balanced Daily Practice Leads to Happiness and Success

  1. Nope. Let the hilarity ensue! It’s actually quite a great activity. It could probably be worded differently, but it’s the process of simply sitting down and writing a list of titles of future lists.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the chart, helps alot. I have translated a Chinese version of it with full credits and links to you and James. I shall send you the link and file separately, cheers!

  3. Kevin,

    Thank you very much for taking your time to create the PDF chart, which I downloaded a copy for myself and I plan on sharing it with family and friends. I really felt the connection with James’ article because I believe that life is about balancing those 4 variables in the equation, which is something very tricky and hard to do, but it pays off and eventually, brings more happiness and wellness.

  4. Kiri says:

    Great idea to have something like this that is visible and can remind you of your priorities each day. Obviously people need to tailor it for their own personal circumstances/goals. Many (myself included) would find rising before 5 / being in bed by 9 untenable…

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks for the chart, really appreciate your doing that. I also bookmarked your blog to come back to. I’m looking forward to checking it out more.

  6. Kevin, this is awesome – thank you! Happy to have found this – going to laminate the PDF! Great post . James is such an inspiration for all of us! Cheers.

  7. Thanks for this PDF! Have just printed it out.

    What makes it special for me: I’m doing 90% of the things already – seems I’m on my best way 🙂

    Best regards from Germany!

    Tim S.

  8. Rob Smith says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the schedule, a great memory jog to keep all of James routines in focus.

    Kind regards


  9. It’s cool you did this and the chart looks great! But it also seems a little impractical. How can someone not eat after 6 pm and still have a social life? And visualizing or meditating for 15 seconds is hardly a practice. Call me crazy, but these seem a little unnecessarily impractical. But if they work for James and others, kudos to you all!

  10. Don Kirkey says:

    Thanks for the chart. I think that a fifth pillar might be the esthetic: daily enjoying or creating beauty, such as listening to music, singing or playing music, painting, spending time in nature, etc.

  11. Erinne says:

    Thanks, Kevin. I really enjoy James Altucher and your chart is now on my fridge! It’s great that you took the time to do this…so appreciated!

  12. BrianB says:

    Thank you for sharing this Kevin. I have passed it on to my network of family and friends referencing James and yourself.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Kevin,

    I read the original post on James’ website today, though I know it’s quite old. I then clicked your comment and read your post.

    Thank you so much for the PDF. As I was reading on James blog I thought it’s exactly what I should do ..and then there it was.

    Many years have gone by since these were both written. I can only assume that many many lives have been positively impacted because of them.


  14. Taryn Beth (Nyrat from ages 3 - 4) says:

    @Kevin –
    Thanks SO much for the PDF! You are now someone I am grateful for several times over.

    #1: Hooray for COLORS! Excellent choice. I was so happy to see so much color. Not just some colored words or outlines. No. You Committed to Choosing Color. I also like your blogs very much. Some of them I understand better than others. I am doing things I enjoy doing, so I am going to keep reading your blogs. I am superduperstoked about reading more of your Idea Charity blog. Maybe that could be an advanced daily practice? Do I have to ask James? Maybe I will choose to ask James. In color.

    And also @ J:
    #2: Shooting hoops will aways be fun. Always and forever. Even when you are a 5″1′ tall female who stopped growing at twelve, so you were tallish and biggish for your age, with a killer breakaway one-handed layup from the left and right, a total basketball point guard rockstar captain of the team until tryouts junior year, when I could no longer see thebsket if there was anyone else on the court with me . . . the other girls kept growing taller! Whatever I’m still an 8/10 free throw shooter; I’m 37.

    Also @Kiri:
    #3: You can have a social life with other weirdos and non-weirdos alike who are drawn to James’s Daily Practice, Kevin’s Kewl Kolored Klout-Enhancing pdf, a penchant for ideas and things that don’t suck, like stank cheese, and maybe even people who say they come from a geeky background, and have the pedigree to prove it, but have a decidedly NOT geeky, beautiful smile. I bet there are all kinds of other people who are choosing themselves to have the “social” lives that suit their life while going to bed early (or maybe it is really late if you are an inhabitant of the 3 am life) and digging the Daily Practice PDF!

    Namaste! Muchos besos and stank cheese for all of you.

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