“Eye-Fi” Puts Use To Your Digital Camera Stills

Wow, one company is innovating, and it’s what I like to see. Backed by VC funding, and in development since 2005, Eye-Fi, Inc has developed a product (also called Eye-Fi) that automatically uploads your photos to online photo services and your home computer or network — but get this: right from your camera!

That’s right, this add-on SD memory card is also a WiFi card. It turns any SD-compatible camera into a wireless photo taking machine. It’s brilliant. They’ve managed to merge two distinct features (WiFi and Memory) and make it available for a reasonable cost, $99 to be exact.

I ordered one last week, and just received it today. I popped it into my MacBook Pro, and set up it’s WiFi access, and told it to upload to Flickr and one of my computers. Next, I threw it into a quick point-n-shoot camera, and I was instantly taking photos that uploaded to the web.

These will make excellent stocking stuffers this year for several family members. Of course, if you decide to buy one, use this link, and I’ll get a few bucks 😉

2 thoughts on ““Eye-Fi” Puts Use To Your Digital Camera Stills

  1. Joshua says:

    Great innovative SD memory card, as you said is brilliant and I didn’t know anything about it until now. I am very interested in starting to learn photography and I think this SD WiFi memory card will be very helpful.

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